Tranquil Wonder


“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I remember when I was a child. I would hide out in the woods. Whenever my emotions would start to overcome me, that was where I would go. Nature has a way of dispelling negative emotions, and although I don’t think I understood that at the time, it was nevertheless a great comfort to me. I would play in the woods on my happy days too. It was like a home to me and I would spend countless hours there lost in my imagination.

These are two things I would like to look at in examination of a child’s education, upbringing, and overall experience of childhood -the release of negativity and the stimulation of imagination. There is no doubt that nature should be integrated into the daily routine of a child. It teaches sustainability both of the environment and in lifestyle through activities such as gardening, raising animals, hiking and many others that are not typically offered through traditional schooling.

Schools neither teach medication nor energy practices such as tai chi. They certainly don’t teach earthing, which is the process of negative release through the contact of the bare foot with the earth. See, my spell check didn’t even believe in the word, “earthing.” They also don’t encourage the use of the imagination. Imagination is key to the creative process. I am speaking in terms of art as well as the projected creation of one’s life through the mind. With lack of funding, the first subjects to be cut are those that require the most creativity, such as music and art. I would argue that writing, which doesn’t get cut, is also as creative, but seeing the poor use of basic grammar that comes out of public school, I wouldn’t have high hopes for that either.

So why are these things so important? If they were so important, wouldn’t public schools incorporate them? After all, doesn’t the government want what’s best for us and our children? The answer to that is a decisive no.  What the government wants is people who don’t create their own realities, don’t function in their lives without governmental interference, and who don’t question the authority of the government. People are being programmed to be intelligent enough to be able to work (and some, not even that), but not to think critically enough to see through fallacies that are presented to them. Intuition (inner knowing), and trusting oneself as the creator of one’s reality are not qualities that are favorable to the government.

Being able to diffuse negative energy or negative thought patterns raises one’s vibration. When the vibration is sustained at a high enough frequency, there is greater potential for creation and manifesting one’s desires. Just look at lovemaking. It is the greatest potential act of creation. There are things that raise someone’s vibration and things that lower it.  Lowering vibration would be negative thoughts or beliefs, and base emotions such as fear and hatred. There are also substances that tend to lower the vibration, such as hard liquor, sugar, and other poor quality foods.  Raising the vibration are positive thoughts and high level emotions such as love and joy. Exercise, nutrient dense foods, herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, massage, reiki and other various holistic modalities also raise the vibration.

Being in nature and experiencing nature on a visceral level also raises the vibration. Not only does it raise vibration, but it also absorbs and diffuses the negative. Nature is in a way, a powerful alchemist. Teaching children this, can provide them with a lifelong tool that will have a tremendous positive effect on their lives, if followed. It allows them to just be and experience oneself as one stands in the natural world. It will allow them to come back to center so they don’t lose direction in sustaining who they truly are.

Nature fosters the imagination, whereas much of the electronic media that is available now, such as video games and YouTube, robs children of their imaginative abilities, and at the very worst, turns them into mindless zombies. Imagination requires use of the mind that comes naturally for children. With institutions such as standardized testing and common core curriculum, this natural ability is trained out of them. The majority of adults lack a creative use of their imagination. Many were able to maintain creative endeavors such as music or art, but lack the ability to use their creative abilities to the degree that they are able to manifest positively in other areas of their lives, such as in finances. Therefore, although they may still engage or dabble in their craft, they are subjected to monotonous and uninspired vocations that don’t align with their true selves.

Nature is the best teacher and immersion in nature and a lot of time outdoors should be a significant part of any successful curriculum. A childhood immersed in nature will provide children with a sense of tranquility that they will learn to sustain throughout their lives and it will nourish their inherent sense of wonder. Tranquil wonder is what I hope to nurture in my children with the assistance of the natural world.


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