All that Glitters is Gold, Even Plexiglass


“Glitter. What could I say about glitter?” I asked out loud while reading today’s word prompt. My five year old daughter chimed in, “Glitter sparkles in the light. You could say glitter sparkles in the light.”

I thought about this. Yeah, that’s pretty good. I have a very smart and mature five year old. She’s an old soul for sure. Glitter could be a metaphor. I like to talk about light, which I equate with love. To me, light holds the same energy as love, as in, light versus dark, love versus fear. Light brings out the best. It casts out the darkness. It makes glitter sparkle, and diamonds too.

Love can do the same thing. It can do it to people and situations, and circumstances. It turns them around. It casts out fear. And you don’t have to be something fancy like glitter to begin with. You could be the dullest piece of plexiglass and Love wouldn’t care. To Love, you would be the most beautiful piece of plexiglass imaginable. If you just love yourself, you don’t give a rats ass if you aren’t a diamond, because you know you are the most amazing piece of plexiglass and there’s no one else out there that could play the part the way that you could. You revel in your own being. You are needed. You are resistant to bullets and are shatterproof. You are exactly who you were made to be, Poly(methyl methacrylate), and you love yourself for it.


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