Perceive with Presence

Looking back, it’s all a blur. Memories are like that. They fade over time. Everything starts to blur together. You can’t ever go back to a moment in time and experience it the way it was.  Perception changes everything. Memories are selective, changing your perception of the reality of a moment, based upon what you now feel was significant about that moment. If you could go back to a moment, the person that you have become over time, would change your perception as well.

This is also how people are. Everyone perceives the world differently based upon their past experiences, beliefs and conditioning. Therefore, everyone has a different perspective. It’s like everyone is viewing the scene from a different rung of a ladder. No one can see the entire picture. This is where judging someone else gets you into trouble. You are judging something that is true for them, as false, based upon your own perspective and perception about it.

Confounding one’s perception even more, is not being present in any given moment. Being entirely present in the moment is the surest way to perceive most clearly. Being in the now, you are able to most fully experience the current moment.  When you are not reliving the past or anticipating the future, your perception is not altered based upon biased memories or fears about what may happen. Therefore, you are able to most fully experience your life in any given moment when you live with presence. Living this way from moment to moment, you end up with a stream of moments that becomes your life.  It no longer becomes a blur; it becomes as clear as the blue sky on a cloudless day.


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