A Successful Word Prompt



What are you succeeding at? You chase after something and then you finally grasp it in your hands. Does it make you happy?  No (well yes, for a moment), because there is more that you want.  One more thing that you need to achieve before you can feel fulfilled. Then, when all those things come into place, you will be happy, but wait, you have added something else to the list.  It just keeps getting longer and longer. No, I am not quite successful yet, no I can’t be happy yet.  One more thing, one more thing and I can finally stop and enjoy my life.  But now it is over.  Will people say I was successful? Will they remember me at all when I was always off out there chasing my dreams? What was it that you wanted anyway? To be loved.  Babe, you have to love yourself.  Love yourself enough to be here in this moment, now. Give yourself the present.


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